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u9 Spring Divisions

  • 16/12/15
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CLICK HERE for explanation of Spring 2016

There are 3 competitions , each team has been entered into a Knockout Cup competition most have 16 teams with one per day with extra teams. The Last 16 is 16/17 Jan and the Quarter Finals not yet drawn are 23 April, semi Finals 7/8 May and Finals 21/22 May....the competition with more than 16 teams has an extra date 19/20 March ( teams knocked out will play a friendly 23 April)

Each Team will play in a Competitive Division Max 6 teams and the Match dates are 30 Jan, 6 & 27 Feb, 5 & 12 Mar...teams can mutually agree to bring a match forward to a friendly date but any late cancellations are subject to cancellation procedures (fines/points awarded etc)

Teams on the spare weeks will play FRIENDLY matches and these Divisions are shown and mostly school holiday dates, these matches can be cancelled without sanction, provided minimum 7 days notice is given.

u9 Saturday - 78 Teams

u9 Sunday - 34 Teams

Divisions of maximum 6 teams based on recent results, successful teams moved up and less successful moved down the structure. I am sure it wont be perfect with only 6 teams allowed per Division, but some have moved up and others down, its only 5 games so there is absolutely NO appeal. A few issues may be provisional and we will contact the teams affected directly to explain before confirming fixtures.

the aim of the Friendly Divisions, which are mostly on school holiday dates, is to make the u9 and u10 Divisions a similar size so that we can help with pitch sharing