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u10 Divisions & Fixtures

  • 02/08/15
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U10 Divisions and Fixtures NOTES....CLICK HERE

U10 Fixture notes

Team directory will be available shortly at at

It will take until mid August for the up to date Directory to be linked to these fixtures - an email will not be sent with changes until later in august please keep checking fixtures.

To check your fixtures simply click on the Team Name in the League Table

To Change the Venue or kick off times please email and include TEAM NAME, AGE & DIVISION

We have tried wherever possible to match up pitch sharing for Clubs at u9 and u10. that is the reason the Divisions are the same size in each age group.

At the moment ONLY the Friendly League matches have been announced, i will announce the competitive Competition matches (start 3/4 Oct) in a couple of weeks time

If you have a problem with a competitive date (see league website for dates) then advise asap

YEL Cup & Trophy matches announced once the season has started.

Any issues please email always Quote Team Name, Age, Division and note that due to YEL staff holidays it may take couple of weeks to update any changes

Friendly matches cannot be cancelled but please give plenty of notice to YEL so we may then be able provide an alternative match for affected teams

We are aware that some teams names may be slightly wrong, not had time to check and change

Any issues please email but please note we have staff shortage early august so may take a few days to reply or sort issue.

Please always Quote Team Name, AGE and Division in all emails